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Sähkötalo SA201
Hervanta Campus
Tampere University


Korkeakoulunkatu 3
33720 Tampere

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Our team

Professor Atanas Gotchev is the director of CIVIT. He also leads the 3D Media Group within the Unit of Computing Sciences at Tampere University.

Person against a black background.

Jussi Rantala

Staff Scientist

Dr. Jussi Rantala oversees research projects executed at CIVIT, coordinates the team, plans the development of CIVIT and maintains relationships with stakeholders.

Ville Pihlajamäki

Project Coordinator

Ville Pihlajamäki maintains CIVIT’s public appearance, and relationships with stakeholders. He also coordinates CIVIT events, visits and asset management.

Jani Käpylä

CIVIT master

Jani Käpylä is the main engineer at CIVIT, who installs, tests, operates and maintains all devices and systems.

Devangini Patel

Software engineer

Devangini Patel is the Software Engineer in CIVIT’s Collaboratec project. 

Olli Suominen

Project Manager

Olli Suominen is in charge of CIVIT’s industrial projects, and projects related to multi-sensor 3D scene sensing.

Picture of Dr. Robert Bregovic CIVIT project manager

Robert Bregovic

Project Manager

Dr. Robert Bregovic manages CIVIT-supported EU projects and follows the trends and developments in light field processing and immersive displays.

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Erdem Sahin

Project Manager

Dr. Erdem Sahin oversees different academic projects and follows the trends and developments in computational optics and imaging. 

How to find us?

CIVIT is located in Sähkötalo, Hervanta Campus (see the map below). Find out more about Hervanta Campus here.